Welcome to Colombian Holding

Colombia’s strong economy stands out among its South American counterparts. It is a global leader in the production of coffee, petroleum, textiles, and flowers.

The Colombian economy is growing at 6.8% a year, two full points faster than the Latin American average.

Foreign investment has consistently touched a record $10 billion over the last few years. All these indicators show that Colombia is one of the fastest-growing economies in Latin America. 

Colombian Holding and its associates are taking advantage of Colombia’s position to identify and invest in opportunity that exceed returns available elsewhere. Colombian Holding can provide the bridge between foreign companies and the various organisations required to either set up a new company or to re-locate your existing business, its assets and employees to Colombia. We can help connect you with key organisations such as real estate, free trade zones, attorneys, immigrations, telecommunications, customs, transportation, recruiting staff, banking, logistics, tax & accounting advisers, environmental advisers, construction companies and many others.

Our goal is to give you “turn key” relocation or expansion, stress-free and ready to operate in a short period of time.

For free unbiased professional advice contact us at Info@ColombianHolding.com


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