Pro Export Colombia

Proexport Colombia is a government agency of the Executive Branch of the Colombian Government, operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism. Founded in November of 1992, the mission of Proexport is to increase foreign investment, non-traditional exports, and international tourism to Colombia.

As a business and investment resource or information hub, Proexport provides local and national companies with support, consultation, and advisory services for international trade, planning and implementation of internationalization strategies, and by providing foreign companies with legal, trade, and educational services about Colombia. Through the development of a systematic sales process and partnership work relationship, Proexport has enabled themselves to, as their motto says, “Open doors, Close deals.”

Integral to the overall objectives of Proexport is the effective insertion of Colombian companies into international markets where non-traditional export items, goods, and services can be distributed more effectively and profitably. Additionally, it is Proexport’s goal and objective to also seek international trade opportunities through the identification of market opportunities, the design of market penetration strategies, through assistance in the design of action plans, by initiating contact between buyers and sellers, and by providing specialized services to foreign companies interested in acquiring Colombian goods and services.

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