Colombian Holding is pleased to be affiliated with Poder Hoven.

The best thing we feel we can do is to provide education for those children who do not have access to it. To give children the tools to help themselves. But education is much more than just books and classes. It is also an environment where children are well fed, where they feel safe, and where they feel loved.

That is exactly what Poder Joven has set out to provide. In 2000 they opened their first “casa,” which served just 15 children. Today the organization has grown to have two different education centres, one in the city centre and one in the barrio of Manrique, on the eastern slopes of the city. Collectively they serve 130 children a day.

The two casas provide a safe place for children to come to when they are not in school — in Colombia it is common for schools to run split shifts, in which children attend either in the morning or in the afternoon.

More than just keeping the children off the street, Poder Joven provides them “with education, food, medical and psychological assistance, and most importantly affection,”

We wish Poder Joven the very best of luck and hope to support them more in the future.


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