Our Services

Our services are categorized as follows:

Company formation
Understanding your business and business needs
Explaining the vehicles avaiable for setting up a company in Colombia
Helping you make informed choices as which vehicle best suits your need
Introductions to lawyers, acountants, bankers, realtos  and other professionals
Setting up a company

Digital Marketing, advertising and PR.
We can set up web sites and deliver regularly updated content to your site for you, ensuring local knowledge and global markting concepts work together to deliver astounding results. We have also advised clients on radio and television marketing campaigns.

Investment advice
1. Requirement gathering
2. Market analysis
3. Presentation of analysis and recommended options
4. Next steps as required

Programme and Project Management
We have over 15 years experience of successfully delivered large complex programmes of work in both private and public sectors in Europe and Latin America, where diplomacy, tact, senior stake holder management and negotiation skills were more important than just technology.

Our consultants have reported to multi cultural and multi disciplinary senior stakeholders and have lead teams of over 200 staff, using professional insight and motivation where necessary to change the direction of multi-disciplinary project groups on failing projects.

Customer experience is what drives us , and the technology we have delivered has been at the heart of transforming the way our clients do business.

Our integrity and team driven spirit has acted as an incubator for long lasting relationships with our clients.

Transformation Management, Transition Management, Complex Change Management, Outsoursing, Management Procurement (public and private sector), Third Party Management, Business case development, People Management


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